ORO International provides its members with numerous services

We send consumers to you – Having a web presence means that consumers do find our site.  Instead of hiding our products behind passwords, we believe in cultivating consumer interest in our jewelry.  We then ask the consumer to forward that interest to one of Our Retail Partners in the customer’s area.  The Partner can use that information to provide an opportunity to try on the product and to gain another customer.

We provide proven ideas to build store traffic – Over the years, we have been involved in numerous sales programs and educational enclaves.  We support many educational programs that are aimed at helping our Partners increase traffic to their store.  Let us work with you to build traffic in your store.

We provide terms and memos to fit your needs – you built your store uniquely and your need for product support and financing are just as unique.  We work with every ORO Partner to tailor a program that works for both of us.

Lifetime guarantee – If you are a partner in good standing, we will back all of our products that are still in production.  If an item is not in production we will help you solve a problem by purchasing the gold from our products at scrap value, which will allow you more options toward helping your customer.